Pinochle Point Eventing School

Business Location:
Two ? x ? lots located in Sunset Valley on Pinochle Point Rd.

Business Contents:
7 rooms { entry, dining room, kitchen, play room, restroom, dressing room, and tack/stall area

Business Description:
With an area indoors for being sociable and plenty of sitting space for the cross-country track, this business has it all.. as long as you don’t actually have horses.

  • Views from this business mainly contain a view of sunset valley beach.
  • Floor one, you find a two story foyer with sitting area, and stairs leading up. From the outside floor one also contains a set of stalls and a tack room, accessed from a central hallway.
  • Floor two has a large dining table for events, an equipped kitchen with bar, play room for children, and mens’ and womens’ showers and changing rooms.
  • Outside, there is a small parking lot, a small and large round pen, a teeny jump course, a dressage practice pen, and a large cross-country jumping course complete with small streams, tons of trees, and tons of seating.

MOAR PICS { Link opens a photobucket folder in a new window.

Built PRE-PETS from scratch.

Before pets was even announced, I liked adding horsey details to my lots, mostly in the form of jump courses made of fences. This is just a commercial hang out spot featuring such things.


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