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Upscale Downtown; Corran

House Location:
? x ? lot located in Sunset Valley on Mirabello Rd.

House Contents:
7  rooms { kitchen/dining floor, two living spaces, one bedroom with bath, basement with pet room, recreation room, etc.

4 sims { two adult males, two male/female dogs

House Description:
Backed against a large dog-friendly park, grey brick and black trim contrast wonderfully with rich wood floors in this vertically built modern home.

  • Views from this home are of downtown Sunset Valley, of the beach and of surrounding mountains. There’s especially a great view of the local waterfall from the bedroom window above the desk.
  • Floor one is the warm colored open concept kitchen and dining room with stairs leading up and down as well as a door leading out back.
  • Floor two is more of a large landing than a room. With a powder blue & granite grey palette, it features a strip of floor containing a desk as well as a large couch facing a giant wall-mounted tv with open space on each side, overlooking the first floor.
  • Floor three is a more enclosed white, green & black themed living and tv room. This floor contains a doorway with outside steps leading up to the roof.
  • Floor four  is the black & blue suite containing a double bed and small but high-end bath.
  • The basement contains a recreational room, half bath, laundry, and a separate room just for the pets with their beds, food, and hygiene machine.
  • Outside there is a two car drive way and around back, a small sitting area. Stairs exiting the third floor lead up to a roof patio containing safety walls, seating, and bbq essentials.

MOAR PICS { Link opens a photobucket folder in a new window.

Built from scratch. I had deleted the park, built a smaller dog park in the middle and surrounded it with residential lots. This was one of those lots.

This is still one of my favorite houses. I wanted to see what I could do with a rather small footprint and once in a while building sleek and modern is very fun. I also wanted to keep the dogs as puppies but.. puppies can’t get up the stairs. What d’y’know?

Originally the roof had just a wire balcony (see screenshots), but I decided that seemed a bit dangerous four floors up, put up a glass half wall, thought the green glass was a bit much and changed it to a regular brick half wall. It seems like a good compromise. let’s pretend the green glass comes up out of the wall for extra windy days.