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Modern Privacy; Siar

This is one of my favourite builds.

— At some point I need to go back and take good pics of the living room and kitchen now that I know how to free up the camera. Check back later. —

House Location: 30 x 40 lot located in Sunset Valley on Landgrab Ave.

House Description:
Nestled against a hill, almost at the end of the road, this modern home keeps its occupants sequestered behind fences and a (relatively) sparsely windowed facade, letting them enjoy privacy from the neighborhood. They also revel in the outdoors, even when inside, via large windows in the back and a windowed space above the center of the house as well as a couple of small, private patios.

  • Views unfortunately had to be sacrificed to enjoy such privacy. There are some views of the hills and plenty of the sky, but none of town or the beach.
  • Floor one starts with a small fenced in porch opening into the entrance, a smaller part of the large two story kitchen with giant windows up top to let in plenty of light and allow for star viewing at night. At the front of the house is a small hallway leading to the guest half bath as well as the son’s orange and grey themed suite. Past the kitchen are two small hallways, one leading to the two girl’s suites  and the other to the parent’s suite, which features a sea green, black, and white palette, a special window in the room with the bath tub, and a private patio of their own. Off the kitchen, there is a large living room, containing a platform upon which sits the furniture and fireplace, as well as bookshelves extending up to the second story and giant windows showing off the back yard.
  • Floor two is only an extension of the living room, with the bookshelves and fire place extending from down below. There is also a small balcony overlooking the back yard.
  • In the basement, leading down from the first floor, there is a three story theatre,  two balconies and a ground floor. Each balcony/floor of the theatre has a half bath or two. At the bottom of the screen is a somewhat hidden stairway down to a mysterious door, requiring a key code. Past the door is a long hallway, leading past more key entries and up stairs to a hidden intelligence room for use by the master thief in the family.
  • Outside, at the front of the house, is a tiny front yard and drive for the two older children’s cars. Off the girls’ hallway there is a small patio with a lounge chair and a fountain. Off the parents rooms is their private patio. Leading from the kitchen is the back yard containing a decent sized pool, fire pit, lounge chairs, bbq area, small grassy area, and lounging day bed.


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Le Cheval de Fantaisie Equestrian Centre

Business Location:
64 x 64 lot located in Sunset Valley on Summer Hill Rd.

Business Contents:
5 rooms { track/jump course room, community dining, stable, 2 restrooms

Business Description:
Featuring a large indoor equestrian workout space and space to just hang out, this community lot is the choice hang out for the well-off local horse owners.

  • Views from this business include the town, mountains, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets over the ocean through the tall windows surrounding all of the main rooms.
  • Inside is dominated by a large indoor jump course surrounded by a track. Off of that space is a stable room with two luxurious horse stalls as well as men’s and women’s restrooms and a community dining room with a bar and fridge. This room has doors leading out to the patio.
  • Outside, leading down a wavy stone path and also connected to the community dining indoors is a patio featuring fire pits and 3 grills for anyone to use. There is an abundance of flowering shrubs for beauty and to invite butterflies.

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Stylish Country Living; Leign O’Hare

This is one of my favourite builds.

Location: 64 x 64 lot located in Sunset Valley on Summer Hill Rd.

House Description:
Large and spacious enough for two professional room mates and their pets to live comfortably, this home is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of town while having a view of everything.

  • Views from this home include the town, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets over the ocean, and the surrounding mountains.
  • Floor one contains a small front porch, a good sized living room with fireplace and half bath, a dining room, a spacious kitchen complete with long counter/many stools for celeb chefs to show off to friends during parties or hosting in-home kitchen shows, and a good sized back deck (along with abundant outdoor space) for entertaining.
  • Floor two features two comfy bedrooms, each with a fireplace, a master suite, and a small office. Behind the fireplace of each bedroom is a stairwell leading down to each room’s own personal garage, nearly big enough for two cars each. Each stairwell has a small half bath. The section of the second floor hallway passing over the dining room below is just a bridge.
  • Floor three sports a large attic hang out area and two collection rooms.
  • Outside, there’s an abundance of open space for outdoor entertaining,  a barn large enough for two horses (with a loft area), and a big well equipped garden. There’s also a good sized deck off the kitchen for further country cooking happiness. This house would also have the chicken coop, had I had that item at the time.

Leign O'Hare


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