Stylish Country Living; Leign O’Hare

This is one of my favourite builds.

Location: 64 x 64 lot located in Sunset Valley on Summer Hill Rd.

House Description:
Large and spacious enough for two professional room mates and their pets to live comfortably, this home is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of town while having a view of everything.

  • Views from this home include the town, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets over the ocean, and the surrounding mountains.
  • Floor one contains a small front porch, a good sized living room with fireplace and half bath, a dining room, a spacious kitchen complete with long counter/many stools for celeb chefs to show off to friends during parties or hosting in-home kitchen shows, and a good sized back deck (along with abundant outdoor space) for entertaining.
  • Floor two features two comfy bedrooms, each with a fireplace, a master suite, and a small office. Behind the fireplace of each bedroom is a stairwell leading down to each room’s own personal garage, nearly big enough for two cars each. Each stairwell has a small half bath. The section of the second floor hallway passing over the dining room below is just a bridge.
  • Floor three sports a large attic hang out area and two collection rooms.
  • Outside, there’s an abundance of open space for outdoor entertaining,  a barn large enough for two horses (with a loft area), and a big well equipped garden. There’s also a good sized deck off the kitchen for further country cooking happiness. This house would also have the chicken coop, had I had that item at the time.

Leign O'Hare


MOAR PICS { Link opens a photobucket folder in a new window.

Some more choice pics, notes and extra content list below the break.

Built from scratch.

I like building on hills. A lot. This one was located on a hill and unfortunately the lot wasn’t placed quite right and it kept glitching where it bumped up against the roads so I ended up moving it to a flat lot and reworking most of the decor and all of the landscape. There’s still a few glitchy spots. There was a second dog, who glitched and not having a last name to reset it (and not knowing about being able to make them teleport at the time), got deleted. It was a female collie named Barkley.

The blonde sim is some sort of business (magazine editor?) lady who occasionally works from home so she has an office. The other one is a chef and her extra space is a craft room.

There’s a pic of them in bridal gear and a pic of them in lingerie. Since I don’t believe I ever had them as an actual couple and the house is set up for room mates, let’s pretend they got to do a little amateur clothing modelling or something, eh?

Extra Content:
I’ve lost track of what all cc stuff I used in this house. A lot of the items in the home are content included with Pets. A good chunk of the listed mods are hair. Nearly every outfit had its own hairstyle.  List of what I can remember:

Default Replacement Skin Texture; Sexy Edition (by Navetsea)
Coffee Set (by Lisen801)
Love and Horses Pose Pack (by Kaleeko)
2009 Mazda CX-7 (by Fresh-Prince)
2009 Audi Q7 (by Fresh-Prince)
Gem & Metal Processing Machine (by Treeag)
The Box of Seeds (by Buzzler)
Bookshelf Revisited (by Cmomoney)
Versatile Shelving (by OrangeMittens)
Harvest Robot (by DouglasVeiga)
Programmed Sewing Machine (by MelissaMel)
CASTable Alarms (by Cyberbob78)
Bathroom Accessories (by MelissaMel)
Homespa Collection 1 (by Eris3000)
The Smaller Closure Door (by Huge Lunatic)
Hell Bunny 3D Corset (by Elexis)
Beaded Bodice Wedding Gown (by Tiari)
Coolsims Hair 31 (by SkeletalScreams)
Agustin Kate Hudson’s Ponytail (by Anubis360)
Agustin Sexy Natural Hair Pushed Back (by Anubis360)
Agustin Everyday Hair Front Pinned Back (by Anubis360)
Peggy Special July ’12 Retexture (by Anubis360)
Diamond Rose Long & Wavy Hair (by Elexis)
Newsea Bluebird No Bow (by Lotus)

There’s more hair there I can’t identify.

And as always, all the zillion behind the scenes mods that don’t show up in screenies.


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