Le Cheval de Fantaisie Equestrian Centre

Business Location:
64 x 64 lot located in Sunset Valley on Summer Hill Rd.

Business Contents:
5 rooms { track/jump course room, community dining, stable, 2 restrooms

Business Description:
Featuring a large indoor equestrian workout space and space to just hang out, this community lot is the choice hang out for the well-off local horse owners.

  • Views from this business include the town, mountains, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets over the ocean through the tall windows surrounding all of the main rooms.
  • Inside is dominated by a large indoor jump course surrounded by a track. Off of that space is a stable room with two luxurious horse stalls as well as men’s and women’s restrooms and a community dining room with a bar and fridge. This room has doors leading out to the patio.
  • Outside, leading down a wavy stone path and also connected to the community dining indoors is a patio featuring fire pits and 3 grills for anyone to use. There is an abundance of flowering shrubs for beauty and to invite butterflies.

MOAR PICS { Link opens a photobucket folder in a new window.

Notes and extra content list below the break.

Built from scratch.

I hate wasting space so part of me wants to extend the pathway where it comes out of the dining room down the rest of the length of that part of the building and put a swingset or play set or something down there in that empty spot at the end for kids to play on while older sims ride.
There is no ‘placement’ photo showing where this lot specifically is. Computer is being ornery. It’s right near Leign O’Hare, though.

Extra Content:

Most of the extra content is from the Pets expansion pack.

And as always, all the zillion behind the scenes mods that don’t show up in screenies.


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