Edit: Or maybe not. Due to circumstances beyond my control, my bandwidth is being throttled and therefore I’m iffy about posting a ton of stuff. I’ll put up what I can when I can, though. Luckily I finished all my cc downloading the night before.

I’ve spent the last few days redownloading and superocdorganizing my CC. I’m hoping this will lead to fewer instances of borked games. I won’t be crediting individual things on each post, but there are pages with most of my CC listed now. Not everything got linked, because at a certain point even I get lazy. If you can’t figure out what something is, ask and I can figure it out for you.

I was gifted Seasons and Island Paradise, and have a couple of IP houses made and waiting to be uploaded, then after that expect quite a few modern homes. Normally I go for very traditional stuff but once in a while modern is refreshing since it can offer completely different layouts. I’m on a bit of a kick at the moment.

I also downloaded a bunch of medieval stuff so maybe one day I’ll do a medieval only neighborhood.


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