Black & White Beachfront Living

House Location:
64  x 64 lot located in Aurora Skies on Edgewood Ave.

House Contents:
3 rooms { 1 bed, 1.5 bath, kitchen/living area
2+ parking spaces { 2 car with plenty of space for more parking on the driveway
0 sims { (room for 1-2) this house is big enough for a single sim or a couple, though the lot is plenty big for additions to make room for more

House Description:
Sitting on the black beaches of Aurora Skies, this home is perfect for the wealthy single or couple looking to have a vacation home away from it all.

  • Views from this home include views of the local town as well as stretches of beach and the sea. Watch beautiful sunrises from the deck or the dock.
  • Floor one opens up with a large front door to a sleek white and black themed open concept living space. To your left is a small kitchen with breakfast bar and bar-height kitchen table. To the right is a good sized sitting area complete with tall windows and a gorgeous fireplace. In the middle is a small office area and a half bath.
  • Floor two consists of the small landing at the top of the spiral stairs, an open bedroom with a double bed and small sitting area overlooking the dock, as well as a full bath with glassed in shower stall.
  • Outside is a two-car garage, plenty of open yard area, and around back there is a nice two tiered deck with grill and eating area as well as lounge chairs. There is also a long dock for mooring a boat or fishing off of.

MOAR PICS { Link opens a photobucket folder in a new window.

Notes below the break.

Built from scratch. The only thing I truly love about the inside of this home is that fireplace with the flanking windows, but from the outside this may be one of my favorite houses. Definitely not the best but I’m really fond of that white waterfall overhang..thing.. on the front porch. Modern is fun, so expect a few more of these before I get back to traditional stuff.

The front door is a garage door and as such isn’t really that functional. It can’t be set as a front door and sims can’t ring it when they visit. Looking back, I should’ve made that the back door since you can just leave garage doors open to sea breezes.

I actually am not really that fond of AS, the neighborhood is just.. dour. Even when it’s sunny it just doesn’t look that nice. It constantly looks dreary and damp and that’s why I didn’t add any colorful flowers to this lot.  I really only got it for the roof colors, which are beautiful.  Sunrises are pretty, though.


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