Siar Bonus Town Home

House Location:
20  x 20 lot located in Sunset Valley on Mirabello Rd., just behind the Bistro.

House Contents:
5 rooms { 1 bed, 1.5 bath, kitchen/living area, tiny office
1 parking space { 1 car garage
0 sims { (room for 1-2) this house is big enough for a single sim or a couple.

House Description:
This home sits in Downtown Sunset Valley and commands views primarily consisting of the beach and bay beyond.

  • Views primarily consist of the nearby Old Pier Beach and the bay beyond, though bits of downtown can be seen.
  • Floor one contains a small open concept kitchen and living room, special nook with a 2 story window for the dining table, and a half bath. There are spiral stairs up to the second floor and down to the finished but unfurnished basement.
  • Floor two contains a wide open hallway, a very small office, a good sized master suite with four piece bath.
  • Outside, there is a small patio with a table, chairs, and a hot tub. There’s a one car garage and a small yard with open space not belonging to the house but surrounding it for extra room to hang out.

MOAR PICS { Link opens a photobucket folder in a new window.

Built from scratch.

I built this home as extra space for the older two children of the Siar household and it’s owned by the whole family. I mostly just wanted space for them to hang out. I’ve considered adding a second bedroom over the garage so they could both stay there, but that would change the architecture too much.

Apparently my thing is to take that fireplace and put windows on either side. I do like the brick and wood, though. I avoided windows on the left side of the house facing the bistro to keep a bit of privacy and placed a fanned plant in front of the window in the kitchen so it’s hard to see in but not as hard to see out.


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