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Island Gem: Sofar

House Information:
35 x 25 lot at 4 Beach Boulevard, Shimmering Sands Beach, Main Island, Isla Paradisio
4 rooms { 1 bed, 1.5 bath, open concept kitchen/dining/living room, stair landing
2 sims, 1 parking space, 3 mooring posts

House Description:
This small to moderately sized modern home with bright white exterior and jewel blue roof is a great spot for a couple with no worries.

  • Views from this modern home are primarily of the surrounding beach and ocean.
  • Floor one starts with a two-story foyer surrounding by tall plants and leads out into the open concept living area. There is a well equipped kitchen, a good sized dining table for entertaining and a fireplace in the living area with a bar area in between. There is also a very small bath (with an all in one facility).
  • Floor two’s landing contains a glass table that serves as a computer desk and a reading nook. The landing overlooks the kitchen/dining area downstairs. There’s a master suite with its own balcony. The stairs leading up are to a low-ceilinged area under the roof with a treadmill.
  • Outside, coming from the dining area is a large two-tier deck with more room for lounging or entertaining with a grill, chairs and a fire pit. From the land, there is a short pier to fish off of.

MOAR PICS { Link opens a photobucket folder in a new window.

Built from scratch. Quite a few of the screenshots have ceilings added with photoshop where there’s no floor above the room.

There’s also accidentally a little ASOIAF/GoT twincest crap going on around here..  When creating the family for this house. In my haste and laziness, I made him by just making a male twin of her.. then wasn’t thinking and made them married. Didn’t even remove the mermaid tattoo. Derp.


Family Update: Siar (Summer)

This is an update (added house) for a previously shown family/home.

The Siar family now have a vacation home.

House Location:
? x ? lot located in Sunset Valley on Recurve Beach.

House Contents:
5 rooms { master bedroom, living room, eat-in kitchen, full bath, kids bunk room.
3 parking spaces { house is on a beach but there’s 3 parking spots around the side.
5 sims { comfortable enough for 2 but big enough for 5 with a bunk room upstairs.

House Description:
This little brightly colored house is a great vacation home for a couple of sims that spend more time in the water than indoors.

  • Views outside show off the surrounding beach, ocean, and hills.
  • Floor one has a small front porch, and inside is the living room (with doors to the rear porch) and an eat-in kitchen. Down the hall is a full bathroom and a master bedroom with its own doors onto the back porch.
  • Floor two contains nice art and light fixtures with a bay window, a small seating/hang out area in front of the fish tank, and a room with three beds and a dresser for the (grown) children.
  • Outside is a covered pier and a secluded beach.

Starting out this house wasn’t really specifically for this family but I ended up having them buy it. The big downside is that it’s so far away from town and with no roads, its quite a hike to work/school.

Everyone got a whole new beachy wardrobe. The deck went through several phases. A Leisure Day party was also thrown and nearly half the town was invited.

A few of the rooms:

That’s about it. There’s a few more pics on the PB for this post.

MOAR PICS { Link opens a photobucket folder in a new window.

Family Update: Siar (Winter)

This is an update for a previously shown family/home.

So, I finally got Seasons (and Island Paradise) back at the first of the year. It’s not bad. I wish it’d come with a neighborhood but that’s okay. I like the ice skating (and rollerblading), I just wish there was a bit more to it… such as some fancy duo spins instead of just the.. holding hands, knees bent spin sims do together, regardless of whether or not they both have maxed skills. Meh. The weather is really fun to deal with, but I had to immediately download something to make umbrellas less breakable, that was ridiculous.

Anyway, Siar is the family I keep going back to. That’s really saying something considering I usually make a family, build them a house, play them about 20 minutes then move on to the next house.
Everyone got new outerwear and Adaria’s clothes got swapped around a bit. I still can’t find the hair I used to use for her. The two adults (Sar and Saria, I’m not creative with names) mostly just build snowmen (including alien and reaper ones), the oldest ‘child’ Jaida ice skates, the youngest child, Adaria, snowboards, and the middle child and only male, Javi, does a bit of both.

Their house didn’t change much. I took out the silly enormous theater basement (see the original post’s photos) that was very rarely ever used and gave them a much smaller basement with a gym and showers. There’s still a secret room for the evil mastermind of the family, Saria.

That’s about it. There’s a few more pics on the PB for this post.

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Renovated ‘Seaside Escape’

This is an updated prexisting home.

House Information & Description:
This little brightly colored house is a great vacation home for a couple of sims that spend more time in the water than indoors.

  • Location: 30 x 40 lot located in Isla Paradisio on Sandy Shore, Surf Island
  • Rooms: 1 bed, 1 bath, kitchen/living
  • Parking: 0 car, 2 bike/moped, 1 aquatic
  • Sims: none, room for 1; 2 if there’s a couple
  • Previous version of the house can be seen here. Link from here. (lazy today)
  • Views out the windows of this house show off the surrounding beach and ocean with other islands nearby.
  • Floor one has a small front porch and inside opens up to the small living/office area and the open concept kitching/dining area. To the left are 3 doors: one to the bathroom, one to the bedroom and one to the back deck.
  • Outside this small home is a personal small stretch of beach to the left and neighbors to the right.
  • Nearby on this island is a resturaunt, small grocery store and bookstore.

MOAR PICS { Link opens a photobucket folder in a new window.


  • I didn’t think to take before shots of the outside, but basically all the furniture was replaced and, while I originally planned to leave the floor plan alone, the front wall was bumped out a square (to make the new window there fit better) and the back deck bumped out a square, though that one might not have been necessary. A roof over the porch was added, windows were replaced, walls were recolored, new furni was added.
  • I really like the decor on this one, especially the living area and bedroom. Not a big fan of that particular color of cabinets in this one but I’m too lazy to go back and change it.