Island Gem: Sofar

House Information:
35 x 25 lot at 4 Beach Boulevard, Shimmering Sands Beach, Main Island, Isla Paradisio
4 rooms { 1 bed, 1.5 bath, open concept kitchen/dining/living room, stair landing
2 sims, 1 parking space, 3 mooring posts

House Description:
This small to moderately sized modern home with bright white exterior and jewel blue roof is a great spot for a couple with no worries.

  • Views from this modern home are primarily of the surrounding beach and ocean.
  • Floor one starts with a two-story foyer surrounding by tall plants and leads out into the open concept living area. There is a well equipped kitchen, a good sized dining table for entertaining and a fireplace in the living area with a bar area in between. There is also a very small bath (with an all in one facility).
  • Floor two’s landing contains a glass table that serves as a computer desk and a reading nook. The landing overlooks the kitchen/dining area downstairs. There’s a master suite with its own balcony. The stairs leading up are to a low-ceilinged area under the roof with a treadmill.
  • Outside, coming from the dining area is a large two-tier deck with more room for lounging or entertaining with a grill, chairs and a fire pit. From the land, there is a short pier to fish off of.

MOAR PICS { Link opens a photobucket folder in a new window.

Built from scratch. Quite a few of the screenshots have ceilings added with photoshop where there’s no floor above the room.

There’s also accidentally a little ASOIAF/GoT twincest crap going on around here..  When creating the family for this house. In my haste and laziness, I made him by just making a male twin of her.. then wasn’t thinking and made them married. Didn’t even remove the mermaid tattoo. Derp.


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