Industrial Country Hipsters: Hawkins

House Information:
30 x 30 lot/? sq.ft. at  6 Subalpine Cir., Hidden Springs
6 rooms: 1 bed, 2 bath, 4 common/semi-common areas
5 sims: 2 humans, 3 ‘foxes’ (dogs)
4 vehicle spaces: 2 parking spaces, 2 bike racks

House Description:
This modern home set away from town is just right for a hip couple and their three foxes.

  • Views around this home are of the surrounding countryside and the nearby lake.
  • Floor one is mostly one open floor plan with a living room featuring both a fireplace and doors to the back porch. The gleaming white kitchen area (with wasabi colored dishes) and slab dining table also has a door to the back porch. Between the living and kitchen are the spiral stairs and a full guest bath.
  • Floor two has a landing with a small laundry area. To the left is a huge art studio with a small sewing corner and seating area. To the right is the master suite featuring an open concept bath space with separate water closet. The suite also has a bay window overlooking the side yard.
  • Floor three has a small landing and contains a spare room set up with a massage table, and a room that serves as the library and studio of the musician in the family.
  • Outside,  the front has a small front yard and covered porch with room to sit and relax with space to store their two cruiser bikes. The back of the house has a shallow porch that runs its length and sports room enough for relaxing, barbecuing, and gardening. There’s also plenty of room for pets to roam all around the home.
  • The sims in this house are Sadie Hawkins (yes, I know but it fit her), who likes to ice skate and is a well known artist in town with her own art gallery, Jonathan Hawkins, who  casually snowboards and is aiming to be a hit movie composer, as well as their three pet foxes, Whiskey and her two kits, Tango and Foxtrot.
  • Notes:
    Built from scratch. 
    + K, this is mostly ‘country’ because they live out of town. Sue me. It’s mostly industrial which is… sort of out of place out in the country where they live.
    + Back when I started playing Island Paradise and I built the Sofar house, I told myself I wanted to build a similar house but with a red roof and make it a ski lodge. It didn’t quite come to that but I do like this home. This house has been in 3 different locations.
    + The first was too far from town and was a pain transportation wise. The second was next to the police station and just didn’t have the right views. Third was just right.
    + This is one of my favourite families. They’re so cutesy.

A few more shots below + a link to the full folder.

MOAR PICS { Link opens a photobucket folder in a new window.

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