Hecker/Lane: IP Residence

House Information:
20 x 20 lot on an unnamed barrier island in Isla Paradisio.
2 aquatic parking spaces.

House Description:
This island home straddles a barrier island, commanding views of the surrounding water, the distant larger islands,  and the private side yard.

  • Views are of the surrounding islands and ocean.
  • Floor one has an entryway leading to both a large hallway with a good sized master suite and a guest room and to the open concept living area.
  • Floor two contains a massage room (or could be a guest room) and a dedicated guest room. There’s also a full bath and a laundry room.
  • Outside there’s a lush side yard with beehives and work shed, a large deck off the kitchen and living room, as well as a deck wrapped around the master suite and a small deck from the second story (mostly so doors can be opened to let the sea breeze in). To the side of the master suite and down the deck steps, there’s land with trees and plants ready for exploring and down the front main steps is a small private beach and dock.


MOAR PICS { Link opens a photobucket folder in a new window.
Tons more. I worked hard on this one, damnit.


  • Built from scratch.
  • I started building one house straddling an island, then realised there was another similar island and started building there as well. Then I realised they were very similar in layout. I ended up experimenting with this one then going on to make the other one better for the sims I was going to actually play.
  • I wanted stairs from the master deck so it’d appear that the whole island was used/at least accessible, not just the yard and beach. I ended up having to put a gate because people (and zombies) kept coming up onto the deck uninvited and especially with all the windows… that’s just weird.
  • The front stairs don’t work very well. They function fine, but there’s so many turns that no sim wants to take them and would rather run up the steep hill beside ’em. I may have to end up redoing them to resemble the ones from the prototype house. (previous post)
  • This house ended up weird. Square foot wise, each first floor room is gigantic..enough for it to be a small party house, but there’s not much in the way of guest space unless you count the two hobby rooms.
  • The water closet/master suite doors keep changing in various screenshots because I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to actually use.
  • These sims also have a house in Champs Les Sims, which will be a very soon future post.




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