Elphaba Thropp & Killyjoy

House Description:
A secluded little cabin for Elphaba Thropp and Killyjoy from Gregory Macguire’s Wicked.

  • Location: 30×30 lot at 52 Bristlecone Way in Hidden Springs
  • Parking: 1 broom stand
  • Views are of the surrounding trees. Many were added so that the neighbors were barely visible.
  • Inside the home is an open kitchen/living/dining area, a bedroom with a full bath, and a secret stairwell behind a bookcase leading downstairs.
  • The Basement has many hobby rooms and laundry.
  • Outside is a yard, space for gardening, beehives, a firepit, and a clothes line.

MOAR PICS { Link opens a photobucket folder in a new window.


  • Built from scratch.
  • The secret stairwell was much less obvious from the bedroom before, since it was just a long corridor, but I somehow managed to link the bottom step of the foundation/ground stairs with the top step of the ground/basement floor stairs.. and even though it looked like it should work, it was unusable without a tile between them. However, even deleting walls, floors, roof, rejiggering basement walls, it wouldn’t let me place the stairs anywhere but where they already were. I tried different configurations but sims have to enter from a certain side of the sliding bookcase door, so that limits layout.
  • I started out a while ago making a bunch of characters (Glinda/Galinda, Fiyero, his wife and all her sisters, Elphaba, her siblings and father, and the wizard) from Wicked then it all came to a grinding halt as I tried to figure out how to make Fiyero’s tattoos. I thought I had it several times but ended up not having it quite right. Now I have an addon that adds more tattoo locations, one of which is a ‘whole body’ tat which in theory would work but I just can’t bring myself to bother right now.


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