Moroccan Style Barge; Tiglear (Wicked)

This is an unfinished home and will remain that way.

House Description:

  • Location: 17×22 barge in Isla Paradisio (currently at Port Picturesque)
  • Rooms: 6 bed, 5 bath / Parking: 0 (this is a boat, yo.)
  • Sims: 8 sims (all adult/female)
  • Views out the windows of this home include the beaches and surrounding sea.
  • Floor one begins with a small front porch and double doors, which open to a hallway and a courtyard with a fire pit. Around the court yard are a living room with bar, a small tv room with couches, a gaming room, closet, the wheelhouse, a large dining room and good sized kitchen.
  • Floor two is all bedrooms. Each sim has their own bedroom and a few have their own bath, though most share. There’s also a sauna next to the stairs.
  • The hold contains a small workout area, a soccer area, and windsurfing supplies.

MORE PICS { Link opens a photobucket folder in a new window.

Notes below the break.


  • Built from scratch.
  • Based on: So, I read Wicked way back when. I loved it, and a while ago wanted to make Elphaba and place her in Hidden Springs. (Done.)This prompted me to also making Nessa Rose and Fiyero, as well as his wife and all of her sisters. Around the same time, there was an episode of House Hunters International featuring a Moroccan style home with an inner court yard and balconies. I loved it and wanted to build it. I ended up combining the two somewhere nice and flat in some other neighborhood but didn’t like it and never finished.
  • Why I won’t finish this: I ended up placing them in Isla Paradisio for some reason and decided to build them a giant barge home. Turns out I was missing some content from when I’d made them so all of their hair and clothes reset.Fine. I’d just build the house. I didn’t really have any Moroccan content so I ended up using Bohemian and Mexican styled things mostly. I mostly just wanted that particular kind of layout and for decor was basically was going for anything colorful, ornate, and cozy looking. This is a big house. It’s hard to fit so many rooms in such a confined space. It ended up being a giant pain in the butt and I ceased its build as well. Then my content had to be redone and I ended up uninstalling some of the stuff I used here so I probably won’t finish.
  • If I did finish: I’d give Fiyero’s wife the room above the wheel house since it’s biggest, and use a cheat to allow her to have her children there too, I’d probably have to add another level if possible just to have enough space to give them their bedrooms. At least that’d alleviate some of the cramped space on the second story.I’d also recolor all of the rugs to make them look more unique and separate from each other. I’d add plenty of plants, curtains and wall hangings, personalize all the suites, and probably find some different tile for at least the courtyard if not the bedrooms as well.

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