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TS3 3×5 Tiny House!

So I’ve been watching a lot of tiny house TV shows lately. I don’t know if they’re something I could live in full time, though I think it’d be cool to take an extended vacation in one, if nothing else. I love the architecture of many of them. I decided to see if I could build a truly tiny house on the Sims.

Inside, the house ended up being just 3×5 squares big. It has a (top only bunk) bed in lieu of a loft, a seating area, two tvs (one to watch from bed, one to watch from the rest of the house), a desk/table for working or eating, a stove, sink, mini fridge, and a little counter space. It also has a wood burning stove since I have seasons and it gets cold.. plus it just looks nice.  There’s tons of shelving and storage and it’s nice and cozy.

Outside, there is an outhouse made out of the all in one bathroom since there wasn’t really room for one in the small space. Maybe if I’d thought about making the trailer a little longer. There’s an egg chair and a hammock hanging from trees for plenty of outdoor relaxing as well as a bbq grill. The house is parked near a sloping hill with a beautiful view of the sunset/sunrise.. I forget which.



Most CC can be found on my Used CC resource page, but if I didn’t list something, you can ask and eventually I’ll see and answer it! 🙂 If you get impatient, having a little google fu skill can help you, as well.

You should see it in build mode. It’s a forest of OMSP stalks.

I am super proud of this one. It took a while to get it just right.

To get my size, I started with the boat trailer from IP (though I enlarged it a little with the OMSP enlarger) as a size guide. For the outside shots, the boat trailer is in place (at least most of the time) so that the wheels are visible. For the inside shots, since I enlarged it, it was a little too tall and poked through the floor so I put it in family inventory for times when outside shots weren’t being taken.

Things I wish I’d change if I built another:

I’d like to add columns or something to support the roof over the little porch or just do away with that roof since it looks weird from the side.

I’d make the house longer with some sort of space to put in a water closet. Maybe elongate it by 3 squares, then move everything toward the back of the trailer/front of the house, use that first row of squares for the WC and turn the bed/desk so there’s a walkway past them to put a door to the wc. If I used the all-in-one, i could just put a divider wall and wouldn’t really need a door, then.

I’d maybe not put the fridge next to the woodburning stove. There wasn’t anywhere else for it here, though.

I’d try to add a full size couch or chair of some sort. Those stools are cute but don’t look very comfy for lounging.

I should build it on a very small flat lot so it can be put anywhere. As it is, this lot’s a decent size (It covers at least half of that sloping hill and goes from right next to the hammock trees to right next to the outhouse.) It’s currently parked between my Black and White house and an Eco Cafe I haven’t yet posted.

A friend pointed out that the green material on the outside of the house looks like plywood. I think I meant it to be stucco. Would look better as siding in that same color, I think. More detail, less plywood.

This build’s inhabited by a single YA female and her adorable scottish fold kitty.




Basically this is just a few things I liked from pinterest shoved into one house. I don’t have a good name for it either, obviously. I made a sim but don’t remember her name.

House Information & Description:
This little plain jane house is in a neighborhood of similarly dressed plain jane houses. With new soft and hard scaping and a completely new and updated interior, iEven though it’s quite cozy, there’s still plenty of room in and out for lots of visiting friends, plus it’s much prettier.

  • Location: ?×? lot on uncharted island Beryl Shoals in Isla Paradisio.
  • Parking:  2 vehicle (1 in garage, 1 out), 1 bike
  • Views are of the surrounding neighborhood and equally externally ugly houses.
  • Preview pics are in the folder with the rest of the photos.
  • Outside of this little abode, there’s a new covered stoop area where previously there was just a flat wall with a door. The hedges have been slightly altered and several rose bushes have been added, along with awnings on both sets of side windows. Around back, where previously there was just a big open space without even a back door, there is now a big entertaining space with a ground level brick patio for hanging out and for sunbathing, and a slightly raised deck with foliage covered pergola for dining and grilling. Even with all that and the added art studio, there’s still plenty of green space. Hedges have been added to block off the view of the back neighbor’s yard.
  • Inside the overall theme is white, pastel pink, navy blue, and gold accents. To the right of the front door is the kitchen with gold stove hood, open shelving, and a small round dining table. Past the kitchen is the garage with laundry, a work bench, and a door to the back yard. To the left of the front door is the living space with a cool navy fireplace (the texture of which is like the walls in this room, though its hard to tell from the screenshots) and a neat coffee table. There’s also a hallway to the backyard. To the left of the hallway is a full bath and to the right is a bedroom with retro furniture and a pink ceiling.
  • Out back is a separate artist’s studio with comfy furniture, plenty of storage, and a glass roof. It has its own AC.


Status Update

So I have the Sims 4 now.. and Sims 3 is agonizingly slow. It takes around 30 minutes to load a neighborhood. I think I have too many expansions/too much CC installed. I can’t seem to get the energy to bother trying to pare things down, especially since that would mess up nearly every build. Anyway, I’m going to continue to post the cool ones I have shots of, though some info may be missing, not that that matters, really but I’m usually nothing if not thorough. Coming up are a Pinterest inspired house, a hair salon/house combo, and a tiny house, of which I’m the most excited. It’s awesome!