Basically this is just a few things I liked from pinterest shoved into one house. I don’t have a good name for it either, obviously. I made a sim but don’t remember her name.

House Information & Description:
This little plain jane house is in a neighborhood of similarly dressed plain jane houses. With new soft and hard scaping and a completely new and updated interior, iEven though it’s quite cozy, there’s still plenty of room in and out for lots of visiting friends, plus it’s much prettier.

  • Location: ?×? lot on uncharted island Beryl Shoals in Isla Paradisio.
  • Parking:  2 vehicle (1 in garage, 1 out), 1 bike
  • Views are of the surrounding neighborhood and equally externally ugly houses.
  • Preview pics are in the folder with the rest of the photos.
  • Outside of this little abode, there’s a new covered stoop area where previously there was just a flat wall with a door. The hedges have been slightly altered and several rose bushes have been added, along with awnings on both sets of side windows. Around back, where previously there was just a big open space without even a back door, there is now a big entertaining space with a ground level brick patio for hanging out and for sunbathing, and a slightly raised deck with foliage covered pergola for dining and grilling. Even with all that and the added art studio, there’s still plenty of green space. Hedges have been added to block off the view of the back neighbor’s yard.
  • Inside the overall theme is white, pastel pink, navy blue, and gold accents. To the right of the front door is the kitchen with gold stove hood, open shelving, and a small round dining table. Past the kitchen is the garage with laundry, a work bench, and a door to the back yard. To the left of the front door is the living space with a cool navy fireplace (the texture of which is like the walls in this room, though its hard to tell from the screenshots) and a neat coffee table. There’s also a hallway to the backyard. To the left of the hallway is a full bath and to the right is a bedroom with retro furniture and a pink ceiling.
  • Out back is a separate artist’s studio with comfy furniture, plenty of storage, and a glass roof. It has its own AC.



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