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TS3 3×5 Tiny House!

So I’ve been watching a lot of tiny house TV shows lately. I don’t know if they’re something I could live in full time, though I think it’d be cool to take an extended vacation in one, if nothing else. I love the architecture of many of them. I decided to see if I could build a truly tiny house on the Sims.

Inside, the house ended up being just 3×5 squares big. It has a (top only bunk) bed in lieu of a loft, a seating area, two tvs (one to watch from bed, one to watch from the rest of the house), a desk/table for working or eating, a stove, sink, mini fridge, and a little counter space. It also has a wood burning stove since I have seasons and it gets cold.. plus it just looks nice.  There’s tons of shelving and storage and it’s nice and cozy.

Outside, there is an outhouse made out of the all in one bathroom since there wasn’t really room for one in the small space. Maybe if I’d thought about making the trailer a little longer. There’s an egg chair and a hammock hanging from trees for plenty of outdoor relaxing as well as a bbq grill. The house is parked near a sloping hill with a beautiful view of the sunset/sunrise.. I forget which.



Most CC can be found on my Used CC resource page, but if I didn’t list something, you can ask and eventually I’ll see and answer it! 🙂 If you get impatient, having a little google fu skill can help you, as well.

You should see it in build mode. It’s a forest of OMSP stalks.

I am super proud of this one. It took a while to get it just right.

To get my size, I started with the boat trailer from IP (though I enlarged it a little with the OMSP enlarger) as a size guide. For the outside shots, the boat trailer is in place (at least most of the time) so that the wheels are visible. For the inside shots, since I enlarged it, it was a little too tall and poked through the floor so I put it in family inventory for times when outside shots weren’t being taken.

Things I wish I’d change if I built another:

I’d like to add columns or something to support the roof over the little porch or just do away with that roof since it looks weird from the side.

I’d make the house longer with some sort of space to put in a water closet. Maybe elongate it by 3 squares, then move everything toward the back of the trailer/front of the house, use that first row of squares for the WC and turn the bed/desk so there’s a walkway past them to put a door to the wc. If I used the all-in-one, i could just put a divider wall and wouldn’t really need a door, then.

I’d maybe not put the fridge next to the woodburning stove. There wasn’t anywhere else for it here, though.

I’d try to add a full size couch or chair of some sort. Those stools are cute but don’t look very comfy for lounging.

I should build it on a very small flat lot so it can be put anywhere. As it is, this lot’s a decent size (It covers at least half of that sloping hill and goes from right next to the hammock trees to right next to the outhouse.) It’s currently parked between my Black and White house and an Eco Cafe I haven’t yet posted.

A friend pointed out that the green material on the outside of the house looks like plywood. I think I meant it to be stucco. Would look better as siding in that same color, I think. More detail, less plywood.

This build’s inhabited by a single YA female and her adorable scottish fold kitty.



Uncharted Island: Beryl Shoals

Now downloadable!

House Information & Description:
This ornate home sits on its own private island complete with boat house, separate guest and goods loading docks, a hobby/party house and private beach.

  • Location: 64×64 lot on uncharted island Beryl Shoals in Isla Paradisio.
  • Parking:  7 aquatic, 3 bike/moped racks?
  • Before Construction photo is here. Link is from here, I never think to take befores.
  • Views are of the surrounding islands and ocean.
  • Outside the home there is a covered dock for the residents with space for a boat and 2 smaller water craft. The walkway from it leads to the home. In front of the home, along a slightly winding paver pathway bordered by a small expanse of grass and a private beach, there is a dock for guests to park (as well as a ramp for visitors*), a bbq area, a dock for goods to be dropped off (and large art pieces to be picked up), and a separate hobby house with a hot tub out back of it.
  • Main house, floor one is open concept. Once in the large and ornate front door, to the right is a living area and to the left are the kitchen and dining space. There is also a guest bath next to the living area. Floor two consists of a small landing area with the primary residents suite to the right (as you’re exiting the stairs and facing the doors) and their child’s suite to the left. Both have their own separate bath with separate water closets and the main suite features a small balcony with arches. Floor three is a relaxation room with a massage table and stereo. Yoga can be done here if the weather is bad. It also features a small balcony with arches.**
  • Hobby house, floor one is a spacious party room with tons of seating, a radio and a beverage machine. Out the back door and down a path is a secluded hot spring. (hot tub) Floor two has a small landing with doors leading to the bathroom and to the art area which contains easels, a sculpting station and a drafting desk.

MOAR PICS { Link opens a photobucket folder in a new window. (a ton)

More pics and notes below the break.

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Hecker/Lane: France

House Information:

  • Price:
  • Size: 30×40
  • Address: 15 Orchid Rd., Champs Les Sims, France
  • Parking: 2 bike/moped racks

House Description:
This little French vacation home is less of a vacation with such a big garden.

  • Views are of the surrounding mountains and neighborhood.
  • The Basement is a large wine cellar with plenty of storage, a table to sit and taste wine, and a side room with presses.
  • Floor one has a small entryway with coat rack which leads into the living room/dining room with door leading to the back yard and garden. Off of one end of the living room is the kitchen. Also off the living room is a full bath with washing machine. Attached but with an entrance from the patio is a storage room with stairs leading down to the wine cellar.
  • Floor two up a set of spiral stairs mostly contains a large hobby room. Built on later is a small guest room with full bath.
  • Floor three is the master suite consisting of a modest bedroom and a good sized full bath.
  • Other buildings on the property are the large barn which is used for winter growing and storage on the first floor and a (mostly empty for now) hobby room/storage room on the second floor. There is also a shed just large enough to house the tractor in the middle of the oval shaped garden.
  • Outside is a small front porch and back patio for lounging. The majority of the backyard is taken up by an oval tractor track with a garden laid out around it. At the back right corner of the lot there’s also a couple of beehives.

MOAR PICS { Link opens a photobucket folder in a new window.


  • Built from scratch.
  • There’s a fruit stand outside the barn, but most of the food grown on this farm is sold at the market. (‘French Boutiques’ post coming soon.)
  • So far, the garden has:
    veg: bell peppers, potatoes, lettuce, onions, garlic, ghost chilis,
    fruit: tomatoes, apples, limes, lemons, oranges, pomelos, pomegranates, grapes, pumpkins, life, flame, watermelon, plums
    mushrooms: porcini, red toadstool, whitecaps, mycenas, spotlights, truffles
    herbs: mandrake, red valerian, wolfsbane



Uncharged Island: Plunder Cove

House Information & Description:
This quaint little home has modern styling with more traditional furnishings.

  • Location: 64×64 lot on uncharted island Plunder Cove in Isla Paradisio.
  • Parking:  4 aquatic
  • Before Construction photo is here. Link is from here, I never think to take befores.
  • Views are of the surrounding islands and ocean.
  • Outside starts with a covered dock which has the mailbox, a sign that (I pretend) has the island name on it, space for a boat and 2 ski doos. It has a picnic table, bbq grill, and also a branch with space for lounge chairs. Down the path to the right (what I consider the back way of going to the house) is the water house with facilities and past that, an outdoor shower before arriving at the house. Down the path to the left of the dock is a private beach with a table and chairs. Past that and down small side paths are a hot tub and an observation/lounge area on top of the hill. Going down the path, if you ignore this smaller hill path, is the house and a fourth spot for a watercraft. This is where guests would probably park.
  • Inside the home is a nice living/dining room in a calming blue and wicker theme, a small half galley kitchen, a fairly girly bedroom and a small office.  The bedroom and livingroom have garage doors that fully open to let in the sea air. Inside the building down the path are the facilities and a washer.

MOAR PICS { Link opens a photobucket folder in a new window.


  • Built from scratch.
  • There isn’t currently a family in this home.
  • This one started out with the house built right next to the beach area with a bright copper/orange roof then I realised how much of a giant eyesore it was to the Phyre Moon Beach Cottage and Hecker IP… so I moved it back and made the roof that pretty dark green color. Layout stayed the same.
  • This house is pretty small and I could’ve made the office into a bathroom, I suppose. It originally was a dressing room with only a connection to the bedroom. I think I need to replace the door going into the bedroom with the 1 tile version of the 2 tile door from the living to the bed room.
  • I like the outdoor shower but I could see it being inconvenient some days. There’s room.. I should move it into the water house with the toilet and laundry.. maybe move the whole house over to where the outdoor shower currently is and reclaim the current water house spot for a lounge area or..something. I don’t know.


Hecker/Lane: IP Residence

House Information:
20 x 20 lot on an unnamed barrier island in Isla Paradisio.
2 aquatic parking spaces.

House Description:
This island home straddles a barrier island, commanding views of the surrounding water, the distant larger islands,  and the private side yard.

  • Views are of the surrounding islands and ocean.
  • Floor one has an entryway leading to both a large hallway with a good sized master suite and a guest room and to the open concept living area.
  • Floor two contains a massage room (or could be a guest room) and a dedicated guest room. There’s also a full bath and a laundry room.
  • Outside there’s a lush side yard with beehives and work shed, a large deck off the kitchen and living room, as well as a deck wrapped around the master suite and a small deck from the second story (mostly so doors can be opened to let the sea breeze in). To the side of the master suite and down the deck steps, there’s land with trees and plants ready for exploring and down the front main steps is a small private beach and dock.


MOAR PICS { Link opens a photobucket folder in a new window.
Tons more. I worked hard on this one, damnit.
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Industrial Country Hipsters: Hawkins

House Information:
30 x 30 lot/? sq.ft. at  6 Subalpine Cir., Hidden Springs
6 rooms: 1 bed, 2 bath, 4 common/semi-common areas
5 sims: 2 humans, 3 ‘foxes’ (dogs)
4 vehicle spaces: 2 parking spaces, 2 bike racks

House Description:
This modern home set away from town is just right for a hip couple and their three foxes.

  • Views around this home are of the surrounding countryside and the nearby lake.
  • Floor one is mostly one open floor plan with a living room featuring both a fireplace and doors to the back porch. The gleaming white kitchen area (with wasabi colored dishes) and slab dining table also has a door to the back porch. Between the living and kitchen are the spiral stairs and a full guest bath.
  • Floor two has a landing with a small laundry area. To the left is a huge art studio with a small sewing corner and seating area. To the right is the master suite featuring an open concept bath space with separate water closet. The suite also has a bay window overlooking the side yard.
  • Floor three has a small landing and contains a spare room set up with a massage table, and a room that serves as the library and studio of the musician in the family.
  • Outside,  the front has a small front yard and covered porch with room to sit and relax with space to store their two cruiser bikes. The back of the house has a shallow porch that runs its length and sports room enough for relaxing, barbecuing, and gardening. There’s also plenty of room for pets to roam all around the home.
  • The sims in this house are Sadie Hawkins (yes, I know but it fit her), who likes to ice skate and is a well known artist in town with her own art gallery, Jonathan Hawkins, who  casually snowboards and is aiming to be a hit movie composer, as well as their three pet foxes, Whiskey and her two kits, Tango and Foxtrot.
  • Notes:
    Built from scratch. 
    + K, this is mostly ‘country’ because they live out of town. Sue me. It’s mostly industrial which is… sort of out of place out in the country where they live.
    + Back when I started playing Island Paradise and I built the Sofar house, I told myself I wanted to build a similar house but with a red roof and make it a ski lodge. It didn’t quite come to that but I do like this home. This house has been in 3 different locations.
    + The first was too far from town and was a pain transportation wise. The second was next to the police station and just didn’t have the right views. Third was just right.
    + This is one of my favourite families. They’re so cutesy.

A few more shots below + a link to the full folder.

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Phyre Moon Cottage (Take 2)

Edit: Fixed categories & tags.

House Location:
35  x 40 lot located in Hidden Springs on Azure Lake Ave.

House Contents:
6 rooms { 2 bed, 2 bath, living/dining, loft
1+ parking spaces { 1 car space with plenty of space for more parking on the driveway
1 sims { This house is big enough for up to 4 sims, but cozy enough for 1.

House Description:
Sitting on the alpine banks of an inlet in Hidden Springs, this home oozes privacy and tranquility for the sim that likes to garden and be alone.

  • Views from this home consist of the surrounding alpine mountains and the inlet behind the house.
  • Floor one has a quaint front porch, open concept living/dining/kitchen space, a small hallway (with display shelf for collectibles), a master suite with 4 piece bath, a spare room for guests, and a full guest bath with (nonworking) laundry.
  • Floor two is simply a loft above the main living space with room for a computer desk, bookshelf, and art area in the dormer.
  • Outside is a stone driveway, beautiful flowered front yard, very abundant flower garden connecting the bedroom and kitchen patios, a good sized edibles garden and a greenhouse for gardening during the winter months.

MOAR PICS { Link opens a photobucket folder in a new window.

Smaller circle on the location photos is the fruit stand I had set up for her, since it wasn’t attracting customers on her own lot.

Built from scratch. The first PMC was lost when my old hard drive died. It was built for a friend’s sim. Even though she no longer plays, I couldn’t help remaking the place.

The sim is based on her and made by her, though the hair has been changed since I don’t have the hair she’d used. The Gardening outfits and the outerwear outfit are also put together for this sim by me, though I didn’t make any of the content.

I’m going to apologize. There’s a million photos but I worked really hard on this one. So much harder than most of my other houses, whether it’s obvious or not. We chatted on TeamSpeak while I built in the beginning, asking what she liked and didn’t like. She had input into several aspects of the design.

I really like how this turned out with the exception of a few things.
First, the loft. I feel it needs to be just a little less open, maybe. I’m also having BuyDebug Saving Loop problems, so in the end, had to put that blue light on the wall since I couldn’t have invisible light continuing from above.
Also, the blue of the living room, red of the kitchen and white of the walls turned out a little more Americana than I meant for it to. She’s Canadian. I just liked the blue curtains and was doing *all* the walls white and she’d wanted a red kitchen of some sort… I didn’t realise til later on how RWB it was. Whoops.

Modern Privacy; Siar

This is one of my favourite builds.

— At some point I need to go back and take good pics of the living room and kitchen now that I know how to free up the camera. Check back later. —

House Location: 30 x 40 lot located in Sunset Valley on Landgrab Ave.

House Description:
Nestled against a hill, almost at the end of the road, this modern home keeps its occupants sequestered behind fences and a (relatively) sparsely windowed facade, letting them enjoy privacy from the neighborhood. They also revel in the outdoors, even when inside, via large windows in the back and a windowed space above the center of the house as well as a couple of small, private patios.

  • Views unfortunately had to be sacrificed to enjoy such privacy. There are some views of the hills and plenty of the sky, but none of town or the beach.
  • Floor one starts with a small fenced in porch opening into the entrance, a smaller part of the large two story kitchen with giant windows up top to let in plenty of light and allow for star viewing at night. At the front of the house is a small hallway leading to the guest half bath as well as the son’s orange and grey themed suite. Past the kitchen are two small hallways, one leading to the two girl’s suites  and the other to the parent’s suite, which features a sea green, black, and white palette, a special window in the room with the bath tub, and a private patio of their own. Off the kitchen, there is a large living room, containing a platform upon which sits the furniture and fireplace, as well as bookshelves extending up to the second story and giant windows showing off the back yard.
  • Floor two is only an extension of the living room, with the bookshelves and fire place extending from down below. There is also a small balcony overlooking the back yard.
  • In the basement, leading down from the first floor, there is a three story theatre,  two balconies and a ground floor. Each balcony/floor of the theatre has a half bath or two. At the bottom of the screen is a somewhat hidden stairway down to a mysterious door, requiring a key code. Past the door is a long hallway, leading past more key entries and up stairs to a hidden intelligence room for use by the master thief in the family.
  • Outside, at the front of the house, is a tiny front yard and drive for the two older children’s cars. Off the girls’ hallway there is a small patio with a lounge chair and a fountain. Off the parents rooms is their private patio. Leading from the kitchen is the back yard containing a decent sized pool, fire pit, lounge chairs, bbq area, small grassy area, and lounging day bed.


MOAR PICS { Link opens a photobucket folder in a new window.

Notes and extra content list below the break.

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Stylish Country Living; Leign O’Hare

This is one of my favourite builds.

Location: 64 x 64 lot located in Sunset Valley on Summer Hill Rd.

House Description:
Large and spacious enough for two professional room mates and their pets to live comfortably, this home is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of town while having a view of everything.

  • Views from this home include the town, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets over the ocean, and the surrounding mountains.
  • Floor one contains a small front porch, a good sized living room with fireplace and half bath, a dining room, a spacious kitchen complete with long counter/many stools for celeb chefs to show off to friends during parties or hosting in-home kitchen shows, and a good sized back deck (along with abundant outdoor space) for entertaining.
  • Floor two features two comfy bedrooms, each with a fireplace, a master suite, and a small office. Behind the fireplace of each bedroom is a stairwell leading down to each room’s own personal garage, nearly big enough for two cars each. Each stairwell has a small half bath. The section of the second floor hallway passing over the dining room below is just a bridge.
  • Floor three sports a large attic hang out area and two collection rooms.
  • Outside, there’s an abundance of open space for outdoor entertaining,  a barn large enough for two horses (with a loft area), and a big well equipped garden. There’s also a good sized deck off the kitchen for further country cooking happiness. This house would also have the chicken coop, had I had that item at the time.

Leign O'Hare


MOAR PICS { Link opens a photobucket folder in a new window.

Some more choice pics, notes and extra content list below the break.

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