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Status Update

So I have the Sims 4 now.. and Sims 3 is agonizingly slow. It takes around 30 minutes to load a neighborhood. I think I have too many expansions/too much CC installed. I can’t seem to get the energy to bother trying to pare things down, especially since that would mess up nearly every build. Anyway, I’m going to continue to post the cool ones I have shots of, though some info may be missing, not that that matters, really but I’m usually nothing if not thorough. Coming up are a Pinterest inspired house, a hair salon/house combo, and a tiny house, of which I’m the most excited. It’s awesome!


CC Master List Update

Updating my master list of CC soon to include pretty much everything. Mostly doing this so if my HD ever goes kaput again it’ll be easier to re-find everything.* Super organization girl- GO!

*I may put it all on a cloud service somewhere too so I don’t have to redownload/reorganize but that won’t be available as it wouldn’t be fair to the creators.


Edit: Or maybe not. Due to circumstances beyond my control, my bandwidth is being throttled and therefore I’m iffy about posting a ton of stuff. I’ll put up what I can when I can, though. Luckily I finished all my cc downloading the night before.

I’ve spent the last few days redownloading and superocdorganizing my CC. I’m hoping this will lead to fewer instances of borked games. I won’t be crediting individual things on each post, but there are pages with most of my CC listed now. Not everything got linked, because at a certain point even I get lazy. If you can’t figure out what something is, ask and I can figure it out for you.

I was gifted Seasons and Island Paradise, and have a couple of IP houses made and waiting to be uploaded, then after that expect quite a few modern homes. Normally I go for very traditional stuff but once in a while modern is refreshing since it can offer completely different layouts. I’m on a bit of a kick at the moment.

I also downloaded a bunch of medieval stuff so maybe one day I’ll do a medieval only neighborhood.