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If you have created something in one of my screenshots, it’s not credited, and you would like it to be, please toss me a message and I’ll get a link put up.

I’m slowly working on getting links/words up. Hair conversions are listed by this format: “original creator/conversion creator”

no link, no mark, ???? = Haven’t looked up the link/creator yet, sorry.
? = I can’t figure out who created this.

Hair – Female

  • Innocent Eyebrows by Elexis

Hair – Male

  • Moxie Mason: Lower Abdomen Body Hair


Accoutrements (Unisex)

  • ?: Knee High Socks for All
  • Newsea: Luke Mens Winter Hat
  • Modish Kitten: Head scarves from Rosie and Wrapped and Shaven
  • Peggyzone: Textile Scarf

Accoutrements (Male)

Accoutrements (Female)

  • Dasha Kirilova: Womens Slouchy Hat
  • Eternila: Delicate Snowflake Hat
  • Newsea: Knit Scarf
  • Oliviaplayers620: Ladies Winter Hat
  • Peggyzone: Textile Scarf
  • Kuchikisan92: Flowers Swimsuit Set
  • Ladyfrontbum: Metallic Bikini
  • Missdaydreams: Fringe Swimwear
  • All About Style: Balmain Tanktop
  • All About Style: Balmain Jacket
  • All About Style: Prada Top
  • All About Style: Untucked Racerback
  • Big Bang Simory: Forever 21 Crop Tops
  • Big Bang Simory: Forever 21 Sleeveless Shirts
  • Elexis: Hell Bunny Corset
  • Kuchikisan92: Ethnic Tops
  • Modish Kitten: Cropped Tees
  • NYGirl: Double Layered Ribbed Tank
  • NYGirl: Tucked Crop Top
  • Sciguy77: A Very Versatile Top
  • ?: Loose Top
  • Body suits, skirts, crop tops by Modish Kitten