How I Organize CC

I used to just download CC and group it according to the download date. The folders were something along the lines of “Sims 3 Downloads year-month-day” but now I organize my CC similar to Oh My Sims does, except I don’t have thumbnails (though I should, that’s a good idea) and I organize more with file names than folders. I do merge my packages, but on another drive, safe and sound in case I need them, I have a “Master CC Folder” for:

!Tweaks (mods, overrides, fixes, default replacements, etc.)
CAS – Hair and Makeup
CAS – Accoutrements
CAS – Patterns (actual wall and floor patterns go in Build)

(The ! on the ‘tweaks’ folder puts it at the top of the list, I use this method a lot to put important stuff right up top.)

Beyond that, it’s all about renaming files so I can find them. For example, when I download a bunch of CC at once, I only unzip one or two things at a time so if there’s a file name that isnt completely obvious, I can rename it as I go to avoid confusion. For big groups of files, I use ReNamer which is my new favorite program. I wish I’d discovered it ages ago. Also when I download something, I immediately link to it on my CC lists here and that helps me more easily find it again if there’s a big patch or something that requires me redownload it.

An example of how I name files is “buy – electronics – tv – nameofcreator – object name ” or for CAS stuff, “cas – unisex – hair – nameofcreator – object name” or “cas – female – makeup – lips – nameofcreator – object name” which, while yes, being tedious, does help me easily find a file. I have a Probation folder for new content. Once I’ve tested it in game, it gets merged into my big CC packages, which are named after the folders up there. ^^^

I use Dashboard to check for conflicting and corrupted CC, Package Explorer for peeking into packages if I’m not sure what’s in them, S3PE for merging files, Sims3Pack Multi -Extractor to turn any sim3packs into packages.

I’m not really going to explain how to do it, as you can go to OMS’s page and it’s already listed.


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