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Hawkins Art Gallery

Business Information:
30 x 40 lot at 9 Diopside Lane, Hidden Springs
Business Description:
This brick art gallery is especially for Sadie Hawkins with plenty of display space and a small gallery area on the top floor.

  • Views are of the town and nearby lake.
  • Floor one is gallery space and public restrooms.
  • Floors two and three are both all gallery space.
  • Floor four is a private area just for the artist. It features a long counter with sink for washing paint brushes/preparing snacks, a seating area for weary feet, and space to finish/touch up paintings. It has its own private restroom.
  • Outside, the front of the building has a parking lot and the back has greenspace with a small patio. On the top floor, accessed from the private artist’s area is space to hang out, throw small get-togethers and barbeque.
  • Notes:
    Built from scratch specifically for the purpose of giving Sadie a place to store and show off all her art. Owned by the Hawkins..es.. I planned a public seating area on the patio but just never got around to it. This building kickstarted me deleting the town square and building a bunch of brick apartment buildings.





A few more shots below + a link to the full folder.

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