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Asian-Inspired Island Retreat

House Location:
33 x 18 lot located in Isla Paradisio on an unnamed island between Science Island and No Trouble Atoll

House Contents:
6 rooms { 1 bed, 1.5 bath, dining room, kitchen, living room, not counting foyer, halls.
0 parking spaces { island house. no roads.
0 sims { (room for 1-3) this house is big enough for a single sim or a couple with space for visitors or a child.

House Description:
This little thatch roofed house sits atop a small hill. Situated far from the main island, but featuring a good sized dining room and a decent amount of outdoor space, this home is perfect for the sim that likes being alone but isn’t adverse to some good parties.

  • Views from the windows of this airy home include the surrounding beaches, isles, and horizon.
  • Floor one begins with the closed foyer featuring a set of double doors into the rest of the home and spiral stairs leading up. Beyond that is a large dining room for guests (what is with me putting giant tables in 1 bed 1.5 bath homes??), a moderate sized eat-in kitchen, and down a hallway, a small living room and half bath.
  • Floor two starts with the landing from the spiral stairs. To one side is the office/guest bedroom. To the other side is the very large master bedroom and master bath.
  • Outside is a small zen garden and some green space.

MOAR PICS { Link opens a photobucket folder in a new window.

Built from scratch. Really, this was just an excuse to use some of the more eastern inspired furniture that otherwise doesn’t really fit into most of my design schemes. ‘Retreat’ because it’s located so far away from everything else. There’s actually mist around it unless the nearby secret islands are discovered.

Not overly fond of it. The layout is awkward. I like the kitchen, the way the bed and master bedroom and bathroom looks. That’s about it. Should’ve swapped the living and dining spaces or something.