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Beryl Shoals Now Downloadable!

Kaitlyn asked for this one to be downloadable a while back, but things have been hectic around here and there’s been very little down time to do anything fun. Sorry for the wait and any hiccups there may be. There’s not a ton of CC for this one aside from store/expansion stuff. Everything I could remember is listed along with some little detail about it so you can decide whether you really need it. I’m sure I’ve probably forgotten some. Remember that Beryl Shoals is an uncharted island, and as such has to be discovered.

Hope this works. I’ve never done this before, so bear with me.

MediaFire DOWNLOAD [No Family] (Fixed front steps.)
MediaFire DOWNLOAD [With Family] (Coming soon.)

Used CC (that I could remember) listed below.

User CC:
Awesims: [Sim Next Door Set] Chevron Armchair (Living room chairs; couch pattern.)
Awesims: [Sim Next Door Set] Phyre Tapestry (In massage room.)
SeeMyu: DIY Curtains, Blinds, and Shutters (Bedroom/living room arches. Meh.)
Gosik: Antique Apothecary Cabinets (In the living room under the window; by the stairs.)
Lhawk07: Longer Shade for Curtains, Narrow Swag, Shiftables (Longer rolled shade on various windows.)
Sionelle: More Recolorable Modern Carpets (In bedrooms.)
The Merrye Makers: Medieval Fireplaces (Campfire on the beach.)

Store CC:
Quaint Cottage:
Warbling Wind Chime (Nonvital. It’s just hanging out in the dock house. I use this too much.)
Pedro Estate Arch (Pretty vital. All the arches in the buildings.)
– Fisherman’s Floor Lantern (Nonvital. In livingroom?)
Grandpas Grove
– Snug Rug (Part of the  set. Master bedroom rug. Easy to replace.)

– Decorative Fruit (In the kitchen.)
– Leaning palm tree. Possibly various tropical plants.
– Tropical Hot Tub (You could use a different hot tub where it is.)
– Sunny Days Lounge Chair (Interchangeable with something similar.)
Infinite Zen Massage Table (Massage room. You could convert this to a hobby room if you don’t have it. Purchasable on its own.)

– Wood Fire Oven (Replaceable with a regular stove.)

– Drafting Desk
– Otto Table 2.0 (Under tapestry in massage room.)
– Sculpting Station (Hobby house.)
– Beds, Living room couch, Dressers, Tables.
– Drapes of Wrath (Living room/dining curtains.)

– Summer Meat Master (Grill, swappable with something else.)
– Island Canopy (Over the grill.)
– Dining Chairs
– Various nonvital decor.

– Toilets and sinks
– Bedroom wardrobe

– Frosty the Fridge (Easily replaceable.)

– Lighting (Kinda vital. Some ceiling and walkway lights.)
– Palm Tree Wallpaper (Bedrooms; massage room.)
– Alexia Full of Hair Statues (Massage room.)
– Antique Drapes (Curtains in hobby house.)
– Pedestals (In massage room. Easily replacable.)
– Egyptian Chair (Nonvital decor. In the dining area nook.)
– Various decor: Cart of Goods, Fruit baskets, Barrels, A few paintings, House plants.

– Leather Bound Mirror (In teen’s room.)
– Bathtubs.


Hecker/Lane: France

House Information:

  • Price:
  • Size: 30×40
  • Address: 15 Orchid Rd., Champs Les Sims, France
  • Parking: 2 bike/moped racks

House Description:
This little French vacation home is less of a vacation with such a big garden.

  • Views are of the surrounding mountains and neighborhood.
  • The Basement is a large wine cellar with plenty of storage, a table to sit and taste wine, and a side room with presses.
  • Floor one has a small entryway with coat rack which leads into the living room/dining room with door leading to the back yard and garden. Off of one end of the living room is the kitchen. Also off the living room is a full bath with washing machine. Attached but with an entrance from the patio is a storage room with stairs leading down to the wine cellar.
  • Floor two up a set of spiral stairs mostly contains a large hobby room. Built on later is a small guest room with full bath.
  • Floor three is the master suite consisting of a modest bedroom and a good sized full bath.
  • Other buildings on the property are the large barn which is used for winter growing and storage on the first floor and a (mostly empty for now) hobby room/storage room on the second floor. There is also a shed just large enough to house the tractor in the middle of the oval shaped garden.
  • Outside is a small front porch and back patio for lounging. The majority of the backyard is taken up by an oval tractor track with a garden laid out around it. At the back right corner of the lot there’s also a couple of beehives.

MOAR PICS { Link opens a photobucket folder in a new window.


  • Built from scratch.
  • There’s a fruit stand outside the barn, but most of the food grown on this farm is sold at the market. (‘French Boutiques’ post coming soon.)
  • So far, the garden has:
    veg: bell peppers, potatoes, lettuce, onions, garlic, ghost chilis,
    fruit: tomatoes, apples, limes, lemons, oranges, pomelos, pomegranates, grapes, pumpkins, life, flame, watermelon, plums
    mushrooms: porcini, red toadstool, whitecaps, mycenas, spotlights, truffles
    herbs: mandrake, red valerian, wolfsbane



Hawkins Art Gallery

Business Information:
30 x 40 lot at 9 Diopside Lane, Hidden Springs
Business Description:
This brick art gallery is especially for Sadie Hawkins with plenty of display space and a small gallery area on the top floor.

  • Views are of the town and nearby lake.
  • Floor one is gallery space and public restrooms.
  • Floors two and three are both all gallery space.
  • Floor four is a private area just for the artist. It features a long counter with sink for washing paint brushes/preparing snacks, a seating area for weary feet, and space to finish/touch up paintings. It has its own private restroom.
  • Outside, the front of the building has a parking lot and the back has greenspace with a small patio. On the top floor, accessed from the private artist’s area is space to hang out, throw small get-togethers and barbeque.
  • Notes:
    Built from scratch specifically for the purpose of giving Sadie a place to store and show off all her art. Owned by the Hawkins..es.. I planned a public seating area on the patio but just never got around to it. This building kickstarted me deleting the town square and building a bunch of brick apartment buildings.





A few more shots below + a link to the full folder.

Continue reading Hawkins Art Gallery

Family Update: Siar (Summer)

This is an update (added house) for a previously shown family/home.

The Siar family now have a vacation home.

House Location:
? x ? lot located in Sunset Valley on Recurve Beach.

House Contents:
5 rooms { master bedroom, living room, eat-in kitchen, full bath, kids bunk room.
3 parking spaces { house is on a beach but there’s 3 parking spots around the side.
5 sims { comfortable enough for 2 but big enough for 5 with a bunk room upstairs.

House Description:
This little brightly colored house is a great vacation home for a couple of sims that spend more time in the water than indoors.

  • Views outside show off the surrounding beach, ocean, and hills.
  • Floor one has a small front porch, and inside is the living room (with doors to the rear porch) and an eat-in kitchen. Down the hall is a full bathroom and a master bedroom with its own doors onto the back porch.
  • Floor two contains nice art and light fixtures with a bay window, a small seating/hang out area in front of the fish tank, and a room with three beds and a dresser for the (grown) children.
  • Outside is a covered pier and a secluded beach.

Starting out this house wasn’t really specifically for this family but I ended up having them buy it. The big downside is that it’s so far away from town and with no roads, its quite a hike to work/school.

Everyone got a whole new beachy wardrobe. The deck went through several phases. A Leisure Day party was also thrown and nearly half the town was invited.

A few of the rooms:

That’s about it. There’s a few more pics on the PB for this post.

MOAR PICS { Link opens a photobucket folder in a new window.

Family Update: Siar (Winter)

This is an update for a previously shown family/home.

So, I finally got Seasons (and Island Paradise) back at the first of the year. It’s not bad. I wish it’d come with a neighborhood but that’s okay. I like the ice skating (and rollerblading), I just wish there was a bit more to it… such as some fancy duo spins instead of just the.. holding hands, knees bent spin sims do together, regardless of whether or not they both have maxed skills. Meh. The weather is really fun to deal with, but I had to immediately download something to make umbrellas less breakable, that was ridiculous.

Anyway, Siar is the family I keep going back to. That’s really saying something considering I usually make a family, build them a house, play them about 20 minutes then move on to the next house.
Everyone got new outerwear and Adaria’s clothes got swapped around a bit. I still can’t find the hair I used to use for her. The two adults (Sar and Saria, I’m not creative with names) mostly just build snowmen (including alien and reaper ones), the oldest ‘child’ Jaida ice skates, the youngest child, Adaria, snowboards, and the middle child and only male, Javi, does a bit of both.

Their house didn’t change much. I took out the silly enormous theater basement (see the original post’s photos) that was very rarely ever used and gave them a much smaller basement with a gym and showers. There’s still a secret room for the evil mastermind of the family, Saria.

That’s about it. There’s a few more pics on the PB for this post.

MOAR PICS { Link opens a photobucket folder in a new window.

Siar Bonus Town Home

House Location:
20  x 20 lot located in Sunset Valley on Mirabello Rd., just behind the Bistro.

House Contents:
5 rooms { 1 bed, 1.5 bath, kitchen/living area, tiny office
1 parking space { 1 car garage
0 sims { (room for 1-2) this house is big enough for a single sim or a couple.

House Description:
This home sits in Downtown Sunset Valley and commands views primarily consisting of the beach and bay beyond.

  • Views primarily consist of the nearby Old Pier Beach and the bay beyond, though bits of downtown can be seen.
  • Floor one contains a small open concept kitchen and living room, special nook with a 2 story window for the dining table, and a half bath. There are spiral stairs up to the second floor and down to the finished but unfurnished basement.
  • Floor two contains a wide open hallway, a very small office, a good sized master suite with four piece bath.
  • Outside, there is a small patio with a table, chairs, and a hot tub. There’s a one car garage and a small yard with open space not belonging to the house but surrounding it for extra room to hang out.

MOAR PICS { Link opens a photobucket folder in a new window.

Built from scratch.

I built this home as extra space for the older two children of the Siar household and it’s owned by the whole family. I mostly just wanted space for them to hang out. I’ve considered adding a second bedroom over the garage so they could both stay there, but that would change the architecture too much.

Apparently my thing is to take that fireplace and put windows on either side. I do like the brick and wood, though. I avoided windows on the left side of the house facing the bistro to keep a bit of privacy and placed a fanned plant in front of the window in the kitchen so it’s hard to see in but not as hard to see out.