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Futuristic Farm House; Cosmos

Aren’t I creative with family names?

House Location:
37 x 37 lot located in one of the craters in Lunar Lakes, near the end of Cavil Ct.

House Contents:
12 rooms { 2 bed, 2.5 bath, multiple bonus spaces, doesn’t include breeze ways and greenhouse

5 Sims {  an adult married couple, their teen daughter, 2 male/ female adult horses.
The people are alien in appearance, but are genetically human. Looking at the zebra horse thing and the people, I may have watched Avatar a bit too much.

House Description:
This moderate sized futuristic farmhouse celebrates living in a wonderful climate with rooms opening to the outside and breeze ways**.

  • Views from this home are of the surrounding trees and neighbourhood.
  • Floor one is technically floor 2, as the front door is up a set of steps. It contains a breeze way, a small but stylish kitchen and a dining room. Opposite those are two living spaces with a short hallway and half bath (with in-wall jelly fish tank feature) between them. There is also an extension of the breeze way that contains a bar and the swimming pool.
  • Floor two also contains a breezeway and features a fully equipped bathroom with a teleporter as well as a relaxation room with sleep units,  and two equal sized bedrooms that share a balcony above the front porch. There are two ladders that lead up to the roof, which contains a large solar panel and two telescopes.
  • Floor zero is underneath the main living space and is technically the first floor but is considered the basement in this case. It features two parking spaces as well as parking for the teen’s scooter. It also sports a large bonus room that contains a massage table, yoga mat, large retro stereo, hot tub, laundry, and a separate steam room. Next door is a small bath. Underneath the above deck and behind the pool, is a small gym.
  • Outside has room for planting, room for horse-related activities with a small greenhouse stable for those heat loving purple zebra horses, and a green house featuring a cow plant and a tree of prosperity.

MOAR PICS { Link opens a photobucket folder in a new window.

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