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Fairies In A Tree

Edit: Just realised I had the rear of the house photo twice instead of front and back and that I forgot to set the folder to Public. Fixed. Uploaded a few more photos.

There’s a treehouse in Moonlight falls so I thought I’d try my hand at it.

House Information:
40 x 40 lot at 163 Wood St.
3 bicycle parking spaces.
2 fairy humans.
1 fox, 1 wolf, 1 racoon (big/big/small dogs)

House Description:
This little treehouse is nestled into some leafy greens, surrounded by flowers and across the street from a fairy arboretum.

  • Views are of the lush (albeit very small) surrounding forest of plants and trees.
  • Floor one is accessed from a spiral staircase. It opens into the living/sitting room. On one end of the house is a tv room and a laundry room with stairs leading up. The other side of the house contains a guest bath as well as a kitchen.
  • Floor two‘s landing is as yet unfinished. There could be a third bedroom here for the sun fairy if I had the will to finish it. As I rarely play MF I doubt I will. There’s a bedroom for the gothy fairy as well as a bedroom for the nature fairy. Both bedrooms have a bathroom that’s somewhat open to the outside.
  • Outside there’s plenty of greenspace owing to the fact that the house is elevated off the ground. There’s a carving station as well as a fairy house. On the first floor of the house, the front porch is a decent size and off the kitchen is a large deck dedicated to outdoor dining. The second floor has a small balcony off the second floor landing.
  • Notes: Built from scratch.

MOAR PICS { Link opens a photobucket folder in a new window.