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The Temperate Mermaid Resort & Hotel

Business Location:
40 x 40 lot located in Sunset Valley at 1 Pi R Cilium Lane.

Business Contents:
10 guest suites { 5 basic suites, 2 mid suites, 1 honey moon suite
numerous common areas, pool, etc.

Business Description:
This fanciful mildly Atlantis-inspired resort/hotel is great for sims visiting SV or for sims that wan’t to relax without leaving town.

  • Views from this business include down town and the surrounding mountains and bay.
  • Floor one (Floors and this building go from top to bottom numerically.) contains a dance hall on the right side of the building and a small museum/aquarium on the left side.
  • Floor two begins with the two story tall lobby, which is flanked by another room to the right containing a sitting area and MF specific restrooms. The left of the lobby contains displayed sculptures and art as well as the entrance to the grand stairwell.
  • Floor three contains a basic and two mid-price suites and the honeymoon suite which has its own small balcony.
  • Floor four has four basic rooms and two mid-price suites.
  • Floor five is guest services and as such contains restrooms, a breakfast room with long food tables, a small gym, mens’ and womens’ locker rooms, two masseuse rooms with additional large waiting room, and a sauna with its own dedicated locker room.
  • Outside, in the front is the parking lot with a small garden with benches and in back is a large pool with lounge chairs and a view of the town. There’s a diving board and a waterfall for the pool, as well.

MOAR PICS { Link opens a photobucket folder in a new window.

Built from scratch using this tutorial. There are a lot of photos. For so few rooms this is a big hotel.

There are a few shots of a ‘previous version’ that was built and then lost because I’m still having saving loop issues when I use debug items. This also means the lighting isn’t as consistent here as I’d like it to be. It was supposed to be even more aquatic themed with giant corals and starfish everywhere… maybe huge strands of seaweed in the grand stairwell but since the debug category hates me.. well, that didn’t happen.