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Winterglen Recreational Centre

House Information:
35 x 25 lot at 65 Subalpine Rd., Hidden Springs
House Description:
This recreational centre has all the latest (and only) winter activities.

  • Views from the large windows in both front, back, and sides of this business are of the nearby stadium, hills, and lake.
  • Floor one contains public restrooms, lockers, a small ice skating rink (with pretty lights!), snowboard rental station, concession stands, and plenty of seating both surrounding the rink for onlookers and set away for parties or those that just want to hang out.
  • Floor two has a neat little bar, more restrooms, lockers, a slightly larger skating rink (with pretty lights!),  and seating surrounding the rink.
  • Outside to the right side of the building is an area set up for team snowball fights. Out back is a snowboard half pipe, a pond for outdoor seasonal skating, a photo booth, and plenty of seating for onlookers.
  • Notes:
    Built from scratch. Inspired by the gym in Isla Paradisio. (Will link later when I upload the pic) I realise the roof is rather impractical anywhere there’s precipitation. Luckily, this is just virtual. Looks neat, and I love the roof color mixed with stone and wood facade.



A few more shots below + a link to the full folder.

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