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Moroccan Style Barge; Tiglear (Wicked)

This is an unfinished home and will remain that way.

House Description:

  • Location: 17×22 barge in Isla Paradisio (currently at Port Picturesque)
  • Rooms: 6 bed, 5 bath / Parking: 0 (this is a boat, yo.)
  • Sims: 8 sims (all adult/female)
  • Views out the windows of this home include the beaches and surrounding sea.
  • Floor one begins with a small front porch and double doors, which open to a hallway and a courtyard with a fire pit. Around the court yard are a living room with bar, a small tv room with couches, a gaming room, closet, the wheelhouse, a large dining room and good sized kitchen.
  • Floor two is all bedrooms. Each sim has their own bedroom and a few have their own bath, though most share. There’s also a sauna next to the stairs.
  • The hold contains a small workout area, a soccer area, and windsurfing supplies.

MORE PICS { Link opens a photobucket folder in a new window.

Notes below the break.

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Island House Prototype

The photos and post for this one are a bit erratic. This build wasn’t really finished.

House Information:
64 x 64 lot on an unnamed barrier island in Isla Paradisio.
2 aquatic parking spaces.

House Description:
This island home straddles a barrier island, commanding views of the surrounding water and the private side yard. There’s space for guests, as well.

  • Views are of the surrounding islands and ocean.
  • Floor one has an entryway leading to both a large hallway with a good sized master suite and a guest room and to the open concept living area.
  • Floor two contains a massage room (or could be a guest room) and a dedicated guest room. There’s also a full bath and a laundry room.
  • Outside there’s a small private beach, a lush side yard (with an ill-fitting premade pool), and the master bedroom and dining/living room have doors that fully open up to allow sea breezes.
  • Notes: Built from scratch. I started building one house straddling an island, then realised there was another similar island and started building there as well. Then I realised they were very similar in layout. I ended up experimenting with this one then going on to make the other one better for the sims I was going to actually play.

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