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Moroccan Style Barge; Tiglear (Wicked)

This is an unfinished home and will remain that way.

House Description:

  • Location: 17×22 barge in Isla Paradisio (currently at Port Picturesque)
  • Rooms: 6 bed, 5 bath / Parking: 0 (this is a boat, yo.)
  • Sims: 8 sims (all adult/female)
  • Views out the windows of this home include the beaches and surrounding sea.
  • Floor one begins with a small front porch and double doors, which open to a hallway and a courtyard with a fire pit. Around the court yard are a living room with bar, a small tv room with couches, a gaming room, closet, the wheelhouse, a large dining room and good sized kitchen.
  • Floor two is all bedrooms. Each sim has their own bedroom and a few have their own bath, though most share. There’s also a sauna next to the stairs.
  • The hold contains a small workout area, a soccer area, and windsurfing supplies.

MORE PICS { Link opens a photobucket folder in a new window.

Notes below the break.

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Moon Elves (Slightly Throwback Thursday)

I’ll probably backdate this after a few days.

House Information & Description:
This little cottage perched on a hill has a perfect view of the sky for these purple people.

  • Location: Unknown sized lot on Sierra Tango St. in Sunset Valley.
  • Parking: 2 vehicle
  • Views are of the sky, the town and the surrounding hillside.
  • Floor one opens to a living space which leads into a tiny kitchen/dining room off of which are the garage and downstairs bath.
  • Floor two has a landing with desk and sitting area. There’s two bedrooms, one slightly larger than the other and a jack and jill bath between them.
  • Outside is a long driveway up to the house, a little patio, a small pool, and a fenced in back yard with fairy globe lights everywhere. The rear exterior of the home is covered in ivy.

MOAR PICS { Link opens a photobucket folder in a new window.


  • Built from scratch. I used to really like building on hills.
  • These aren’t truly supernatural sims. Genetically they’re just human. I really like their slightly lilac-skinned, moonkissed look, though. I no longer have them but have considered remaking them. Maybe in Moonlight Falls.

Hecker/Lane: France

House Information:

  • Price:
  • Size: 30×40
  • Address: 15 Orchid Rd., Champs Les Sims, France
  • Parking: 2 bike/moped racks

House Description:
This little French vacation home is less of a vacation with such a big garden.

  • Views are of the surrounding mountains and neighborhood.
  • The Basement is a large wine cellar with plenty of storage, a table to sit and taste wine, and a side room with presses.
  • Floor one has a small entryway with coat rack which leads into the living room/dining room with door leading to the back yard and garden. Off of one end of the living room is the kitchen. Also off the living room is a full bath with washing machine. Attached but with an entrance from the patio is a storage room with stairs leading down to the wine cellar.
  • Floor two up a set of spiral stairs mostly contains a large hobby room. Built on later is a small guest room with full bath.
  • Floor three is the master suite consisting of a modest bedroom and a good sized full bath.
  • Other buildings on the property are the large barn which is used for winter growing and storage on the first floor and a (mostly empty for now) hobby room/storage room on the second floor. There is also a shed just large enough to house the tractor in the middle of the oval shaped garden.
  • Outside is a small front porch and back patio for lounging. The majority of the backyard is taken up by an oval tractor track with a garden laid out around it. At the back right corner of the lot there’s also a couple of beehives.

MOAR PICS { Link opens a photobucket folder in a new window.


  • Built from scratch.
  • There’s a fruit stand outside the barn, but most of the food grown on this farm is sold at the market. (‘French Boutiques’ post coming soon.)
  • So far, the garden has:
    veg: bell peppers, potatoes, lettuce, onions, garlic, ghost chilis,
    fruit: tomatoes, apples, limes, lemons, oranges, pomelos, pomegranates, grapes, pumpkins, life, flame, watermelon, plums
    mushrooms: porcini, red toadstool, whitecaps, mycenas, spotlights, truffles
    herbs: mandrake, red valerian, wolfsbane



Elphaba Thropp & Killyjoy

House Description:
A secluded little cabin for Elphaba Thropp and Killyjoy from Gregory Macguire’s Wicked.

  • Location: 30×30 lot at 52 Bristlecone Way in Hidden Springs
  • Parking: 1 broom stand
  • Views are of the surrounding trees. Many were added so that the neighbors were barely visible.
  • Inside the home is an open kitchen/living/dining area, a bedroom with a full bath, and a secret stairwell behind a bookcase leading downstairs.
  • The Basement has many hobby rooms and laundry.
  • Outside is a yard, space for gardening, beehives, a firepit, and a clothes line.

MOAR PICS { Link opens a photobucket folder in a new window.


  • Built from scratch.
  • The secret stairwell was much less obvious from the bedroom before, since it was just a long corridor, but I somehow managed to link the bottom step of the foundation/ground stairs with the top step of the ground/basement floor stairs.. and even though it looked like it should work, it was unusable without a tile between them. However, even deleting walls, floors, roof, rejiggering basement walls, it wouldn’t let me place the stairs anywhere but where they already were. I tried different configurations but sims have to enter from a certain side of the sliding bookcase door, so that limits layout.
  • I started out a while ago making a bunch of characters (Glinda/Galinda, Fiyero, his wife and all her sisters, Elphaba, her siblings and father, and the wizard) from Wicked then it all came to a grinding halt as I tried to figure out how to make Fiyero’s tattoos. I thought I had it several times but ended up not having it quite right. Now I have an addon that adds more tattoo locations, one of which is a ‘whole body’ tat which in theory would work but I just can’t bring myself to bother right now.

Fairies On A Boat

This one’s a little half-assed. Sorry. Just wanted to get it out of the way.
Note: If you’re wanting to do something similar, there are actual sails n such here.

House Information:

  • Price:
  • Size: 8×16 (curved bow)
  • Address: Isla Paradisio

House Description:
A dinky little dingy for dinky little fairies.

  • The main deck has an eating/cooking area (above this is the helm), open spaces, and a stairwell to the hold.
  • The hold contains supply areas, a head, a map room, and sleeping quarters.

MOAR PICS { Link opens a photobucket folder in a new window.



  • Built from scratch.
  • Both residents are fairies. Pirates. Fairy pirates?



Uncharged Island: Plunder Cove

House Information & Description:
This quaint little home has modern styling with more traditional furnishings.

  • Location: 64×64 lot on uncharted island Plunder Cove in Isla Paradisio.
  • Parking:  4 aquatic
  • Before Construction photo is here. Link is from here, I never think to take befores.
  • Views are of the surrounding islands and ocean.
  • Outside starts with a covered dock which has the mailbox, a sign that (I pretend) has the island name on it, space for a boat and 2 ski doos. It has a picnic table, bbq grill, and also a branch with space for lounge chairs. Down the path to the right (what I consider the back way of going to the house) is the water house with facilities and past that, an outdoor shower before arriving at the house. Down the path to the left of the dock is a private beach with a table and chairs. Past that and down small side paths are a hot tub and an observation/lounge area on top of the hill. Going down the path, if you ignore this smaller hill path, is the house and a fourth spot for a watercraft. This is where guests would probably park.
  • Inside the home is a nice living/dining room in a calming blue and wicker theme, a small half galley kitchen, a fairly girly bedroom and a small office.  The bedroom and livingroom have garage doors that fully open to let in the sea air. Inside the building down the path are the facilities and a washer.

MOAR PICS { Link opens a photobucket folder in a new window.


  • Built from scratch.
  • There isn’t currently a family in this home.
  • This one started out with the house built right next to the beach area with a bright copper/orange roof then I realised how much of a giant eyesore it was to the Phyre Moon Beach Cottage and Hecker IP… so I moved it back and made the roof that pretty dark green color. Layout stayed the same.
  • This house is pretty small and I could’ve made the office into a bathroom, I suppose. It originally was a dressing room with only a connection to the bedroom. I think I need to replace the door going into the bedroom with the 1 tile version of the 2 tile door from the living to the bed room.
  • I like the outdoor shower but I could see it being inconvenient some days. There’s room.. I should move it into the water house with the toilet and laundry.. maybe move the whole house over to where the outdoor shower currently is and reclaim the current water house spot for a lounge area or..something. I don’t know.